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Brdmc Care Center advises, guides and coaches people on their way to a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Management

Losing weight is difficult and often diets only help temporarily. The only thing that really works is a lifestyle change. Are you ready for the real sustainable change, then you can come to us. We can advise you both on a one-off basis or guide you for a few weeks or months: that is very motivating. Teaching a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate goal; weight loss comes naturally! We can also help you if you want to arrive correctly. 

Sport and Nutrition

Are you enjoying sports, but would you like to know how you can adjust your diet to that? To lose weight faster or to improve your performance? We can also advise you on this with a one-off analysis and advice or with a longer supervision process. 

Workshops Cooking 'Tasty, fast and healthy!'

Do you have little time to put something good on the table? Are you not a good cook but would you like to learn to cook healthy? Or do you just find it too much of a hassle? We will visit you and teach you how to have a tasty healthy meal on the table in no time. For example a curry or pasta. 

We also regularly offer these meals via, where you can read what others thought.

Hello! I’m Jennifer

Licensed Dietitian

Brdmc Care Center was founded by Jennifer. He is a certified weight consultant specializing in weight management and sports nutrition. Jennifer is an enthusiastic athlete, passionate cook and also provides cooking workshops with an emphasis on healthy and tasty food. He conducts his consultations in an enthusiastic, honest manner; with a lot of empathy but also with humour. He guides people from an idealistic point of view, and because he likes to transfer knowledge. Jennifer follows developments closely and is regularly trained: food, exercise and sport is a dynamic field that is constantly on the move!

My Expertise

Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Specializes in the treatment of eating and weight problems based on the scientifically proven method Out of the Emotion-eating method .


Our Focus


Weight loss

Losing weight means: improving your body composition. This means lowering your fat percentage and maintaining (or increasing) your muscle mass.

To lose body fat you need to temporarily consume less energy through the diet than you burn. However, muscles can also become smaller in this process. This is prevented if you exercise regularly or do sports. An additional advantage is that you can also eat more. There is always a sport or way of moving that you like; we help you on your way!


Brdmc Care Center tries to advise as much as possible according to the latest insights.
We also have our own ideas about meal distribution, combining nutrients and the ratio between fats, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, we preferably recommend the use of pure, fresh, unprocessed and preferably organic products, because they still contain most of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Moreover, there are more and more indications that many of today’s “welfare diseases” are caused by the processing, genetic manipulation, breeding, irradiation and spraying of food.


The consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle often come to light at a later age. The ailments that one then possibly develops are difficult to combat.
Many older people have to start the day with a handful of pills.

Short vs. long-term enjoyment

Regular exercise and healthy eating can prevent this. Moreover, that gives much faster results. Being healthy and fit gives a nice feeling. This “long-term enjoyment” cannot be compared with the short-term satisfaction that, for example, eating many snacks or sweets can give. 

Our Approach

  • How can I lose a few pounds responsibly and healthily?
  • What should I eat and/or drink after my workout for optimal recovery?
  • I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and I want to reduce this without using medication. Is this possible?
  • I want to exercise more, but I have diabetes. How can I do this?
  • Which products can improve my performance?

These are just a few questions you may want to ask the dietitian of Brdmc Care Center. Questions about nutrition and health, but also questions regarding nutrition and sports. Brdmc Care Center provides diet counselling to people with a wide range of issues.

Brdmc Care Center is characterized by:

  • providing tailored food advice paying particular attention and time to your personal situation and preferences.
  • cooperation with a multidisciplinary team of sports scientists, physiotherapists, sports doctor, (sports) psychologist, massage therapist and personal trainers.
  • specialization in sports dietetics and experience as a sports teacher.
  • the main location of the practice in an ultramodern sports centre with a wide range of sports facilities.

“During training for my first marathon, I often felt depleted of energy to run, I was disorganized and lacked motivation as a result. For my second marathon, the following year I decided to get help from Brdmc Care Center on the nutritional side; Annelies gave me extremely valuable advice on how to best fuel my body and to prevent burnout, which increased my stamina and my energy levels for the whole duration of my training.”


Customized Services


Do you have a specific question about nutrition or do you want to know if you can be assisted by the (sports) dietitian? This free consultation hour might be the solution. It is intended for brief advice (max. 15 min per person). Afterwards, if necessary, you can make an appointment for comprehensive nutritional advice.


Brdmc Care Center also provides group education. This can be in the form of a presentation/lecture or in the form of an interactive workshop. For more information or a prospect without obligation, please contact Brdmc Care Center.

Possible themes are:

  • Basic Nutrition: the importance of healthy eating
  • Sports on your Plate: how do you improve your sports performance?
  • The most famous myths and facts regarding nutrition


Would you like to have your diet checked in an individual guidance programme? That is possible. Brdmc Care Center has consultations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Intake
The intake session takes one hour. During this first consultation, the (sports) dietitian will clarify your request for help, expectations, medical and dietetic history, eating habits and activities.


Always wondered what your fat percentage is and what type of body you have? A skin fold measurement is a single consultation in which this is determined for you. The ISAK method will determine your weight, height, BMI, waist circumference, body fat percentage and body type and you will receive the results at the end.

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