Nursing Student B.R.B Medical Center |

As a student of nursing, it is not enough that I learn theories and concepts inside the classroom. It is important that students are given the chance to experience first-hand what happens in different health care settings. This semester, I was assigned as a student nurse in a local hospital in our community. The learning outcome is to utilize what we have learned in the classroom in promoting health and preventing illness of the patients by collaborating with members of the hospital’s health care team. My instructor in the hospital was one of the senior nurses. She was assigned tothe Acute Care for Elders Unit of the hospital. The local hospital makes sure that the older persons are given the best medical care and that health professionals attend to their concerns until they achieve functional independence in doing their basic activities in their daily lives. Safety of the patients is also a priority. My instructor briefed me with the hospital policies and checked my knowledge on nursing practice. She would bring me along when she checked the patients and explained their condition. Eventually, she asked me to do the regular monitoring of the vital signs of the patients in the ward and I diligently recorded them in the charts. I would consult her whenever there was something that I was not sure of. I believe that it is best to ask questions rather than commit costly mistakes especially in our profession where people’s lives are at stake. I learned a lot from being a student nurse in the hospital. As a future nurse, I believe in the importance of having a safe environment for the patients by promoting a culture of safety in the health care setting. It is not just in the hospital facilities and equipment that we have, but more importantly, in the attitude and behavior of the health care professionals who should have a genuine concern for the safety of the patients.