Patient-Care Technologies to Address the Needs of a Diverse Patient Population

Patient-care Technology |

We are living in the digital age. Everything is computerized and systems are connected so that we can get relevant and important data whenever we need them and just with a click on the screen. We can retrieve, transmit, and can even manipulate data stored on the computer. This technology has made facilitation and transfer of information better in different businesses and industries. It is inevitable that technology and information have also influenced the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations invest in patient-care technologies to help them in managing their business. Common examples of patient-care technology are the electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) systems. EMR contains the standard medical and clinical history of the patient which is used for diagnosis and treatment. It is the digital version of the paper-based patient chart from a specific healthcare provider. EMR allows healthcare providers to track medical data across time, identify patients who need medical attention, monitor the records of patients and see how they compare against health parameters. However, the EMR system does not allow information sharing to other stakeholders. On the other hand, EHR contains the patient’s medical history from different healthcare providers involved in the care and treatment of the patient. EHR is more comprehensive and allows sharing of information among different healthcare providers and across different states. This is especially important in addressing global health issues such as facilitating the rapid assessment of disease outbreaks. Both systems facilitate the improvement of the quality of care given to patients.Patient-care technologies are developed to assist us in the management of a diverse population of patients. We have to keep up with the advancements around us and use the available technology to improve the quality of care that we offer to our patients. These systems and technologies, when used appropriately, will help us transform the health care system.