What is a green smoothie?

A green smoothie is an easy-to-prepare drink with raw leafy vegetables in combination with fruit and water. Green leafy vegetables are specifically chosen because research shows that you can be healthier if you eat more leafy vegetables.

We need all types of fruit and vegetables to be healthy, variation is very important. Yet these green smoothies are a very good addition to this. Partly because it also appears that many people do not eat enough leafy vegetables. How many consecutive days do you manage to always get your daily amount of fruit and vegetables? I live healthily, but even me it doesn’t always work out. I notice that I feel less fit and lack energy.

Use only leafy vegetables

In the smoothies it is best to use only leafy vegetables and not other types of vegetables. That is because leafy vegetables do not contain starch like all other vegetables do. This is the reason why you can mix the leafy vegetable with fruit without getting a stomach cramp or flatulence. The definition of leafy vegetable is that it is green and that you can wrap it around your finger. An exception to this rule is celery. In addition to leafy vegetables, you can also use this in a green smoothie.

Don’t be put off by all that ‘green’, just do it!

It all sounds very ‘green’ of course, and that frightens some people. All that healthy hassle, and the dirty color of the drink is not inviting to everyone. I hope you try it anyway, because the effect it has on you will certainly not leave anything to be desired!

Making a smoothie is not difficult

Making green smoothies is not difficult. The basis is always fresh products. Fresh leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and possibly fresh herbs. Make sure you have a good blender that prevents the smoothie from being mixed properly. For more information and recipes